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My go at it

by stephen kilgore
/ Posted: 10 months ago

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I wanted something simplistic and minimal, but with a bit of color.

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  1. Hey Stephen, awesome to see your second submission as a Briefbox Pro user! Hope you're enjoying your time here and looking forward to seeing further submissions from yourself.

    You've gone for a nice, straight forward design, which was exactly what we were asking for from the brief here. Nice job.

    I think it would be interesting to explore a more custom, typographic feel to the wording. The straightforward colour scheme is working well though I think it'd be nice to explore this across a more bespoke, hand-lettered approach for this brief.

    If you get stuck for ideas, take a good look at our blog tutorials where you can find inspiration for your design process and how to get started here. If you also had any initial sketches, make sure you load them up so the design community can take a look at your initial process.

    Overall Stephen, this is good start to the brief! I think if you take our tips for your design into consideration this could be a great portfolio piece for you. Looking forward to seeing your revised version for this brief. Keep up the good work!

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