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Källvatten - Homepage & Splash Page

by Gianluca Italiano
/ Posted: 9 months ago

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This is a homepage (desktop) and splash page design for the water company Källvatten. I've tried to keep it simple and clean making use of scenic imagery and I've chosen a basic color scheme of blue and white and green/aqua for an accent. I've gone with two sans-serif fonts (Montserrat for the header/logo and Monda for everything else). As a webpage the main header/navigation would have a fixed position so I've included it on each section in the mockup. I think a one page layout works well with the four main sections. My main criticism is that it might not give off enough of an organic vibe/might be too sterile, with too much blue and not enough green/earthy colors, but I think it works well on a professional level at least. Also the landing/intro section potentially needs something to occupy the space on the right, and the product "images" have been quickly made in Sketch - these would be replaced with photos. All feedback good or bad is welcome!

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3 responses

  1. Hey John, thanks for uploading your designs to Homepage & Splash Page brief! Awesome to see a submission from you here as a Briefbox Pro member.

    I'm loving the simple, photographic-led design and modern typeface that you've used here. Overall, I think this design is looking simple and clean and nice use of the landscape imagery. I'm actually liking the little product illustrations that you've placed into the homepage design (I know you've said you'll replace them with photographs) though it may be interesting to explore adding a slight illustrative element to this design brief.

    In order to really push forwards with this project, I think that it would be interesting to further explore the text. I think that you have nailed the overall layout and use of photography and so at this stage, I think that you could be a little more playful with the text. You could choose to increase the text size, to make some areas pop out a little more on the page or add an additional, complimentary colour to the text to make the designs really 'pop!

    I think that you don't have to worry too much about the 'organic' look and feel of the overall design. What you've gone for incorporates many natural photographic elements, so I think it looks strong! One last point, I'd say would be to further explore whether you'd go for photos of the bottles or illustrated as suggested above. The choice is yours!

    All in all John, this is great work. Looking forward to seeing your revised designs for this one. And remember, if you do choose to work on this design, please upload it as a separate submission.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Gill! Definitely agree on the text, it does look stagnant and plain having it in 4 similar blocks. I'll have a go at reworking it.

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