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Jeloytza - Graphic Designer

by Jessica Assis
/ Posted: 10 months ago

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For my personal logo, I wanted to represent some key points that I have always in mind while working on a project: uniqueness, innovation and think outside the box. So I decided to represent the uniqueness with a calligraphy logo and by joining the first letter of my first name with my second name, coming up with Jeloytza. The innovation was represented with the colors purple and yellow. Together, it passes the feeling of excitement, something innovative and new. And the think outside the box was translated into these three little lines near the J, representing the eureka moment.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Jessica! Awesome to see your first submission here as a Briefbox Pro member. Very exciting indeed.

    First impressions is that this is looking fantastic. We're all enjoying seeing your first brand identity work. This is very strong and professional design. Nice work Jessica.

    As this is such a strong design, to be honest there's not too much I can comment on here(!) However, there are just a few minor suggestions that I could suggest which strengthen your design further.

    I think that the typography is looking really strong. You could trial a version where the thickness of the lines in the text was increased slightly, as it looks a little thin, especially when you scale it up and have it as a stand along logo.

    It would also be worth further exploring the logo design, in black and white variations. Having variations of your initial logo design is always useful to have on hand, say for black and white printing or placing a logo within a footer on a website.

    Apart from that Jessica, great work. Look forward to seeing more submissions from you!

  2. Thank you very much for your feedback! It means a lot to me :)

    The black and white version exists! ahaha I just thought it'll be more interesting to show the full color version :) but thanks for the tip \o

    And about the thickness of the typography: amazing! I've never thought about that, sure will try it soon. :)

    Thanks again! ♥

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