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Inkspot - Invitation

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 5 months ago

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Inkspot - Invitation, front & back

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2 responses

  1. Love this Chris, just featured the artwork too. The front design is awesome the use of three colours is done very well, the flourishes and touches really compliment the design too.

    A really good job on this brief, however I would say that the glow or brightness of the vertical type work is a little heavy. It stands out a bit too much and doesn't blend well into it's surroundings. Apart from that you nailed it!


  2. Thank you, Joel. The vertical type has no specific effect on it. It's the same color as the front type, just solid instead of an outline. It will be easy enough to tone that down a bit so it's not shouting itself over the rest of the content. Thank you for featuring this design.

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