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by Lawrence Cameron
/ Posted: 2 years ago

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I wanted to draw an audience into a minimal but interesting design, a noticeable process I’ve seen other people use when they want this desired style is using empty spaces, simple elements and type. Type however needs to stand out. Ailerons by Adilson Gonzales has easily become my favourite typeface. The typeface was inspired by aircraft models from the 40s. It’s sharp, stylish and bold. I have to give a lot of credit to the creator as I’m certain these concepts are less likely to work had I used a less interesting font. I put together a 3D mockup of business cards and an iPhone containing the IADC wallpaper. For my first 3D mockup I’m personally very proud of how my business cards look. With the iPhone, not so much. I had a template to work from with the business card 3D layout, but the iPhone was a struggle to get a 3D look to it. Overall I’m quite happy how this turned out, though I feel as though I could use other elements besides business cards and an iPhone. I’ll probably continue this another time.

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