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I is for ice cream

by Joao Oliva
/ Posted: 9 months ago

5 attachments

I had some trouble creating the melting effect on the ice cream ball. But after all, I kinda enjoyed the final result

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  1. Hey Joao! Awesome to see your next submission here as a Briefbox Pro member.

    Loving the bright, limited colour palette that you've gone for here. The style is nice and playful. Good going on this typography project! The graphic elements are working well together here. Great to see your initial sketches on this one too. Very nice indeed.

    I think that your colours are working well together here. Though in order to really push this design forwards it would be work exploring this with an even more limited colour palette, I think you could lessen the highlights and shadows. I feel it's potentially overcomplicating the design and distracting the viewer from seeing the 'i' type. I think to really develop this work, it would worth simplifying it a bit more(!)

    Taking a look at your previous designs for the landmark brief, the design had a few limited colours and a flat colour palette, which works really well. It may be worth taking a few notes from how you worked on this design and kept it simple!

    All in all, it's a smashing start to our typography brief. If you make these few tweaks, the design is going to look really smart. Looking forward to seeing your next revised design. If you do choose to work on this design make sure you upload it as a separate submission so we can review your smart design work!

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