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House and Home Stationary

by Charmaine Hartmann
/ Posted: 7 months ago

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I looked closely at French interiors and Restaurants and found that 80% of them were all based on antiques, highly decorative and delicate cushions, curtains, chandliers etc....

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2 responses

  1. Hey Charmaine, thanks for submitting your design to our House and Home Stationary brief! Awesome to see another submission from you as a Briefbox Pro member.

    Great to see that you've gone for a quirky and unique approach to this brief. The client requested a fresh identity and these colours certainly do help to brighten the brand! Do you also have any initial sketches here? It's always interesting to see the process behind the design.

    I think there are a few considerations that you could take into account to really push this design forwards. I think that it would be worth taking a look at your colour palette, particularly the mint green and seeing whether there were alternative colours which could compliment this more. I'm all for bright contrasting colours, though I feel that the design works if it's all in one tone. Here the yellow is contrasting too much with the pinks, grey crest element and mint green. Have a play and see what you think! The choice is yours.

    I like the use of the 'h' in the logo, this is a nice touch. I think it would also help here to take one element of the design and run with it. The brief is for a minimal, fresh style so I would consider how you could choose to simplify the design.

    Overall, this is a cracking start to this brief. Keep going with it Charmaine! And remember if you do choose to work on this design be sure to submit this as a separate submission.

  2. Hi Gill, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Can you please tell me what you mean by taking one element of the design and running with it, as in the 'h'. Do you mean using either the lower case 'h' or the two 'h' together and use that throughout the stationary instead of two different one's?

    Cheers for that again.

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