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Flora - Organic Heritage Florist

by Andrija Sala
/ Posted: 10 months ago

2 attachments

Branding Project for a boutique florist located in Bath, UK. Flora focuses on organic, predominately British flowers and this was reflected in the styling and branding for this project. References were drawn from classic heritage English gardens, antique botanic plates and Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. Classic British fonts such as Caslon are mixed with 'hand written' fonts. Caslon is updated with etching lines for an updated-classic typographic logo. An etching of an English Rose is carried throughout the branding as a versatile insignia.

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  1. Hey Andrija! Thanks for uploading your designs to the flora branding brief!

    This is a gorgeous, classical approach to the brief. Lovely use of fonts and layout. This design feels classy and well considered, which fits in well with the Florists brief. Nice reference to the heritage flowers too.
    Overall, I think that your design is working well. The layout is strong and I'm liking your use the etching. I think that your mockups are also looking good.

    I think in order to really push this design forward, I would suggest that the etching in black and white is the strongest image within the brand and would be the one I would use as most prominent across the designs (potentially instead of the rose colour design). I would also suggest that you could further explore the scale of the beautiful rose design. Really scaling up the design, or adding a pattern element will add an extra bit of excitement to the layouts.

    All in all Andrija, this is a gorgeous start to this project! Very much looking forward to seeing your revisions. And Remember, if you do choose to work on this design, please upload it as a separate submission so we can review your new designs!

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