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Flora & Fauna Label Design

by Gabrielle Smith
/ Posted: 7 months ago

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Flora & Fuana Shampoo and Soap Bar Label Designs. First Design posted to briefbox, let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome. :)

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  1. Great first design! I love the colour palette used, it reminds me of olive trees and ancient Greece. The pattern used is a nice nod to ancient Greek art, and will also make for great secondary visual language throughout your branding.
    As the squares are quite rigid combined with a dark colour palette I would try to soften your design up a little bit.

    For example you could employ a softer typeface for the logo such as a cursive style or even hand written. Also for the laurel leaves rather than using vector shapes you could instead hand draw line art style/illustrated leaves or even use photos of the leaves. I feel if these elements were changed it would give a more organic feel to the packaging and further tie back to the “Flora & Fauna” moniker.

    Other than that I feel you’ve really nailed the brief and thought deeply about the origins of Greece and how to tie them into your design ☺

    Well done!

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