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Flora & Fauna

by Courtney Williamson
/ Posted: 10 months ago

2 attachments

Flora and Fauna Shampoo and Soap Packaging Contemporary Design

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  1. Hey Courtney! Many thanks for uploading your designs to the Flora and Fauna - Organic Skin Care brief. Awesome to see your submission here as a Briefbox Pro Member.

    I'm loving the modern patterned approach that you've gone for with this brief. The contrasting colours are working really well and really on trend for this year's cosmetics.

    I think the strongest element to the design is the big pattern work that you've done against the peach background. I think in order to really push this design forward, it would be interesting to see how this large scale pattern works across more of the cosmetics range, such as a soap wrapper or shampoo bottle. You could also further explore some nice, contrasting colours here too.

    All in all, this is a super first submission to this brief. I would keep working up the designs and even include a few more patterns if you fancied. The initial sketch is also great to see where the designs have originally come from. Keep up the good work Courtney! And if you do choose to work on a revised version of this design, make sure that you upload this submission as separate design so we can review your awesome work.

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