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Flora Branding Identity

by Kiarra Julien
/ Posted: 3 months ago

2 attachments

I decided to do everything as simplistically possible. I love the colors, and the font...I'm happy with how everything turned out!

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  1. Hey Kiarra, thanks for your submission. I think this is a good start and I like how you've decided to lead with a featured illustration. It looks as though you have used the 'Image Trace' tool to create the rose? Perhaps you could try another version, just using the pen tool, and try and simplify it a little, so it works better in a smaller format. I find the less shapes, the better, especially for branding. I would also try giving the leaves a slightly softer edge so they don't look so harsh against the black background.

    The accompanying stationery looks great, although make sure you watch your padding, especially on the business card. I think the whole design could benefit from some extra padding and extra white space around the lettering.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing the updated designs!

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