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Flora Branding Concept 2

by Elizabeth Pierce
/ Posted: 2 months ago

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This branding design is based off the criteria set for this brief. I decided to take an abstract approach with my packaging design and more of a simple literal take for the logo.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    Thanks for another great submission. This is my favourite version out of the two you submitted to this brief. Although they both fulfil the brief - as they are both very minimalist, typographic marks, as requested - I think this colour way works better and the patterns you've created give it an extra lift. I really like the texture and the varied pink/purple tones, creating a floral pattern. How did you create this?

    The accompanying stationery looks great and very professional. I'd love to see how this theme transfers onto product packaging. Perhaps you could upload a product mockup or packaging wrap, as outlined in the additional deliverables?

    Looking forward to seeing more submissions from you.

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