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Flora Boutique Florist

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 5 months ago

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Flora Boutique Florist - Logo & Deliverables

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  1. Hey Chris, great to see you tackling this Floristry brief! I hope you're enjoying your time here as a Briefbox Pro member.

    I think that this design is working really well. I like your soft, muted pastel colour palette. The overall layout of the large hand-lettered style paired with the more formulaic font is really strong. Nice addition of the graphic floral image here too. I think your hand lettering is really strong, and we're all enjoying reviewing your work here at Breifbox!

    I think this submission is looking great and so to be honest there's not too much feedback that we can provide here to improve the design. I would, however, marginally adjust the 'l' in 'Flora' in width and height as it's jumping out a little too much on the page compared to the other letters.

    I think that you could also increase the white space, only slightly, surrounding 'flora' and 'boutique florist' to allow the design to really breathe on the page. Adding white space/padding to a design really helps to give balance to a design and something that we always like to recommend, here at Briefbox HQ.

    All in all, great work Chris! Really enjoying your submissions and looking forward to seeing more work from yourself here as a Briefbox Pro member!

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