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Flora - Boutique Florist

by Lynne Geary
/ Posted: 10 months ago

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A typographical logo and branded stationary for Boutique Florist 'Flora'. Following advice from Gill I am re-submitting my design. Hopefully, I've taken her advice on board and created a softer design with more complimentary font choices.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Lynne! Awesome see your second submission here to this brief!

    Great to see that you've chosen to develop the design here, and I think that it's working really well across the mock-ups. I like the use of the plants integrated here with the stationery and branding. Nice work Lynne.

    The icon is now looking good which easily distinguishes 'Flora's' identity. This brand now sits well with Flora's ethos as a modern and contemporary floristry company. The colour palette is working well and I think the consideration of the different font helps to bring the identity as a whole, making the design look nice and cohesive on the page.

    All in all, great submission to our brief. I think this would be an awesome submission to your portfolio. Keep up the good work Lynne!

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