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Flora - Boutique Florist

by Lynne Geary
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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A typographical logo & branding stationary for Boutique Florist - Flora.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Lynne, thanks for your submission to boutique florist branding brief! Great to see that you're making a start on your first brand and identity project here as a Briefbox Pro user.

    The mockups are looking smart and I'm glad to see that you've considered a colour scheme for the overall branding.

    I think the clean and straight forward 'look' is also working well here. I think with the type that you've gone for, with 'Flora' it would nice to see the edges rounded off a little more. With all type it's good to get consistency through each letter to allow the overall design to flow together a bit more on the page. I think you could soften the overall design. I think it would also be useful to further explore the typeface used for 'boutique florist'. As the font for 'Flora' is so modern, it contrasting with the below text. Have a research of current, smart typefaces that you could consider here.

    I like the diamond border that you've used at the back. For this design I think it could be exploring a more botanical shape, such as the suggestion of a leaf, to better integrate the design with the theme.

    All in all Lynne this is a great start to the brief! I think if you take our suggestions on board and make a few tweaks this could be a great portfolio piece for you. Really looking forward to seeing a secondary submission for this brief. Keep up the good work Lynne!

  2. Thanks Gill,

    Your suggestions are fantastic and I'm working on taking those on board to develope the logo further. Once I'm done do I just re-submit as a new submission to this brief?


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