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Flora boutique

by Matthew Vermeulen
/ Posted: 9 months ago

4 attachments

Logo: I chose a clean minimal typeface that allowed me to modify it to cut out the flower silhouette. The cut out is a Harebell flower native to the UK,so this aligns with the companies speciality in british flowers. The O is also to be used as the icon for the company on stickers and other types of branding material. Colour: I chose white for the colour because flowers come in all sorts of colours and having a set colour in the logo could clash with the flowers in the shop or in an arrangement. White also feels more modern. Packaging and stationary: Flora uses recycled paper for their packing so I kept this consistent across all their stationary. I chose to use white on the stationary as well because in my research it seemed like a lot of companies used black on the brown paper so it felt more unique to go with the white and to keep the brand consistency as much as possible. With the business cards I added the QR code to help reinforce the modern aspects. I really tried to keep it minimal with the designs to help emphasize the quality aspects.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Matthew,

    Awesome to see your Flora design from our Pro Brief. Loving your clean white lines and logo here. Gorgeous silhouette of the Harebell flower. Very nice work. I think your mock-ups are also looking good and nice use of the recycled paper for all the packaging and stationery.

    I think in order to really push these designs forward, it would be worth looking into how you could add in a few extra flourishes here. Exploring how the flora Harebell logo could be used across more marketing materials. You could choose to explore potentially scaling up the design or to work into a pattern. The choice is yours! I just feel that the designs could do with a little extra to give a bit more 'oomph' and make your identity stand out from the crowd.

    You could also consider integrating the font, recycled background and logo design into your brand guidelines: Colour Breakdown, Typography and Logo Application. I think it would be impressive to a prospective client if you chose to also integrate your branding into this page.

    All in all Matthew, great work. Just keep going with it! Looking forward to seeing your revised designs.

  2. Hi Gill,

    Thanks for the advice I will be doing some changes to the designs, I am a bit unclear about the flourishes are you suggesting I add them to the logo and make changes there or see how I can add them to the other designs. e.g the business card or the packaging.


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