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Flora and Fauna

by Kai Chiang
/ Posted: 8 months ago

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Modern twist to traditional Greek Design.

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  1. Hey Kai,

    This design is looking fab. Your mix of the monochrome colour palette for one design and the more colourful options makes it look sophisticated but modern and strong. You've worked on a nice and clean, sophisticated design here. I'm also iking the use of the greek motifs to help reference the origins of the products. Great work!

    Nice use of mockups also, in a real life brief, it can be an advantage to suggest how the final designs will work to the client, for them to help realise how the final product range will look in real life.

    I think in order to really push this design forward, I would suggest that you vary the logo 'flora and fauna', especially in the smaller branded products. Here, you could choose to use the greek pattern motif and replicate it to form a modern pattern. I think that you could also play on the pink and yellow background, by breaking this design up a little across the different products.

    Other than this, this is a cracking design, Kai! Keep working on it. We're looking forward to seeing the next stages.

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