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by Amy Swinimer
/ Posted: 2 years ago

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Use of flowers with simply typography

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5 responses

  1. Stunning work! Love the contrast between the vibrant, fine detailed imagery and thick, geometric type! My only critique would be to make the leg on the letter 'R' more legible as I initially thought - at thumbnail - it said 'FLOPA'. Nevertheless, fantastic work, I look forward to seeing some more!!!

  2. Thank you ! I was a little hesitant as to whether the R was legible or not, but I figured I would upload it and see what others thought. Thank you for the feedback ! I'm going to do some tweaking.

  3. I love this! However, I agree with the above comment- the leg on the R needs to be more visible. But a great piece of design!

  4. This is great Amy, I love the depth in your design and the imagery overlapping with the type. It's bold and eye catching and is right on brief! I'd have to agree with CABROWN and say that the 'R' could be a little clearer as it does look a bit like a 'P' on first glance. Other than that, great work Amy, keep it up!

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