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Film App Design

/ Posted: 12 months ago

5 attachments

The concept behind the logo is a film strip, and within the negative space is the letter ‘F’. Also on the left side of the film strip is a heart shape, portraying a list where a certain aspect has been favoured or liked, which reflects the apps purpose of sharing and liking. The overall concept is kept clean and simple.

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5 responses

  1. This is chill. It gives it a regal look. I had been working on this brief as well and I think your rendition is a lot better

  2. Hey Shahad, thanks for uploading your designs to the film app design!

    I'm really liking the concept that you've come up with here for the film app. Very nice, clean design. I especially like the use of the red and black colour scheme, which helps to make the key information stand out on the page. Great work Shahad!

    Overall, on the design side, this is artwork is looking really smart. It's great to see the identity developed alongside the app design. In order to move the designs forward, I think it would be good to look at illustrating the custom icons for the film app. You've made a great start on the custom logo, though I think you could really push your illustrator skills here and create some awesome icons to go alongside this brand and identity exercise.

    All in all, great work Shahad! Keep it up. We're looking forwards to seeing your revisions for this brief and remember, if you do choose to work on this design, please upload it as a separate submission so we can review your revised design!

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