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Film App Design - Revision

/ Posted: 9 months ago

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This is a revision submission, where I created a custom icon set for the app as suggested from my feedback. The concept behind the logo is a film strip, and within the negative space is the letter ‘F’. Also on the left side of the film strip is a heart shape, portraying a list where a certain aspect has been favoured or liked, which reflects the apps purpose of sharing and liking. The overall concept is kept clean and simple.

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  1. Hey Shahad,

    Thanks for sending over your revised submission!

    I'm liking the custom icon set here for the app. I think they are working better in the outlined version. The overall concept is looking nice and clean. Good work Shahad!

    I would tweak the 'F' on the logo to have marginally thicker lines overall as viewing the logo from a distance may prove tricky to see! For further development, I would suggest that you try integrating the new icons into the designs and mock-ups to see how they could be used across the site.

    All in all this is a great submission Shahad. Keep up the good work!

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