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Festival Wedding Invitation Set

by Stacie Long
/ Posted: 5 months ago

3 attachments

For this brief I designed a wedding invitation set that includes two double-sided pieces (the actual invitation and a postcard-style RSVP card). I wanted to use the same photographic treatment on both pieces in order to tie them together as a set. I also thought that using a photograph (something I don’t see on a lot of wedding invitations) would make this set a bit funky and eye-catching like the clients have requested. On top of the photograph, I created a custom-lettered stamp-style “logo” in the shape of a festival tent in order to drive home the wedding’s festival theme.

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2 responses

  1. Fantastic work here Stacie! Great work on the layout formatting, type work and photography to present the project.

    You've really nailed this brief and were really impressed!

    The stamp style logo works really well, in it's quirky custom lettering style design.

    All in all a great piece so have just featured this project too.

    Looking forward to seeing more from you!


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