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Dream Clouds

by Jade Hamilton
/ Posted: 4 weeks ago

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Cute little clouds perfect for a boy or girls bedroom!

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  1. Hi Jade thanks for your submission to this brief and I definitely think there are elements within this that could work well here. I really like the fun playful shapes of the different clouds and their imperfections work well.

    I feel like the colour pallete could be tweaked slightly to help it appear little more playful and striking. The purples and pinks seem a little dull and could perhaps be a little more vibrant to stand out against the grey background?

    One other point is the stars that sit on the clouds seem a little placed and could either be cut out to make them feel like they are part of the cloud elements or re arranged to make sure they don't sit over the edge of each cloud.

    Another tiny point but could help this to feel little softer, is how the clouds that use a stroke have a sharp edge as they fall in - if these were rounded corner strokes it could work nicely to go with the fun playful, soft theme that this brief is all about.

    Keep up the good work Jade! Looking forward to more submissions from you!


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