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Desert Memories

by Cameron Penn
/ Posted: 8 months ago

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The beautiful landmark: Delicate Arch in Arches National Park near Moab Utah. With Dead Horse Point National Park and Canyon Lands National Park just a hop away from Arches National Parks, makes this trifecta a playland worthy of the gods.

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  1. Hey Cameron,

    Awesome to your design for our Iconic Landmark Illustration and as your first submission here as a Brief box Pro User. I think that the illustration is looking strong and I like the addition of the extra illustration in monochrome. Nice work.

    I think in order to really push these designs forward, you could work on softening the edges a little within the illustration or the rocks. I think you could also further emphasise the shadows here. I think that this will help to give the artwork a little more depth and interest on the page.

    I think the use of the large-scale text is also strong. I think it would be worth testing out the text, behind the large Arch. This could make a nice, bold statement to the artwork.

    With your mock-ups it would also be useful to use the 'multiply' effect on Photoshop and add in a little perspective here as they are looking a little flat on the page.

    All in all, Cameron, great work. Looking forward to seeing your revised designs!

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