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Deli &Co.

by Matthew Vermeulen
/ Posted: 9 months ago

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My main goal for this brand is for it to come across as Italian with lots of quailty. To get this I felt classic feeling lable composition would get that message across. Typography: I chose serif fonts that felt Italian to support the main goal of Italian and quality. Color: I sampled color from food that is common in Italian deli's to visually say that the brand is all about italian food and for the customers to remember that when they look at the brand they will remember Italian cuisine. Paper Wrap: I added some of the food that they serve, the logo as requested and because it is a limited edition wrap I could add elements specific to the particular deli in this case Cardiff and having the limited edition badge in there as well so the customers know its limited edition.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for your submission to our Deli Paper Design! This design is certainly looking very Italian and has a sense of quality to it. I'm also liking the classic label composition.

    As this paper will be used to wrap sandwiches, wraps and rolls (and so can't be too complex) I think this design would do well to simplify it even further, especially for the wrapped element of your submission. I think that here, you could trial a version where the food is removed and you have the simple brand mark going across the paper. Sometimes I feel less is more when it comes to design. Your brand mark is certainly looking very strong! Though I feel that it potentially looks a little lost amongst the illustrative elements. Have a play and see what you think!

    I think that the 'deli & co' mark could also look very strong, in white (as you have done on the window decal) and applied on a contrasting paper, such as navy or black for the paper wrapping. This could look very stylish! Have a go and remember it's just a suggestion here.

    All in all Matthew this is a great start to this brief. Keep going with it. We're really looking forward to seeing your revised version here and remember if you do choose to work on a second design, make sure that you upload it as a separate submission.

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