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Custom Iconography

by Darian Evyn
/ Posted: 7 months ago

4 attachments

I wanted to work from only 3 colors, the #f2f2f2, #e74b4c, and #261924. I had to throw in another 2 colors just to keep some of my other assets and categories coherent. I think this style is a great improvement over my previous brand design shown in the attached image. The icons and almost every other asset are created in illustrator.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Darian,

    Thanks kindly for submitting your work to our custom iconography. I've just reviewed your personal logo, so it's great to see a consistency here with your accompanying icons.

    All in all, this is great work Darian. I'm really enjoying the rounded edges, personable illustrations and simplified colour palette. I also took a quick look at your website and it's great to see these icons in action!

    Looking at your icons here, which accompany your logo, the style is quite simple with contrasting colours. I feel that your logo slightly stands out with the black outline and more details linework. I think it would be interesting to consider how this logo would look if you slightly simplified the form and removed the black surrounding outlines. Just a thought! Have a shot and see how it goes.

    Overall, this is a smart accomplished piece. We're looking forward to seeing your next submission here at the Briefbox HQ!

  2. Thank you Gill, I'll see what I can do with the logo. It might get replaced entirely because it was a placeholder design originally.

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