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Custom deck of playing cards

by Carly Russell
/ Posted: 10 months ago

4 attachments

A standard 52-card deck, redesigned. I layered basic shapes to create a geometric feel, while still maintaining the skeleton of your standard 4-suit, 2-color deck of cards. I used shades of green for hearts and diamonds and shades of purple for clubs and spades. For the backs of the cards, I used a blue that suggested a mixing of the greens and purples.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Carly ! Thanks for uploading your design to the custom playing card design brief.

    This design is looking really smart. The clever overlay of the limited colours works really well for the illustrative elements in the design. Nice work Carly.

    I think to further develop this project, you could take a look at exploring the designs for the cards (which are numbered) a bit more. The artwork on the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades is so strong, I feel that you could add a little extra to the numbered the cards to make them 'pop' a little more.

    I also think that the back of the cards could work well perhaps in the more teal great that you've used elsewhere as the strong blue, sticks out a little, compared to the rest of your colour palette. I do think however that the pattern is working well here!

    Carly, all in all, this is a fantastic submission. Really looking forward to seeing your revised design here. If you do have any initial sketches, make sure that you include them in your next submission. And remember, if you do choose to work up a revised design if you could load it as a separate submission, so we can review your awesome artwork.

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