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Copenhagen, Denmark – Vintage Posters

by Carly Russell
/ Posted: 1 year ago

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I wanted to create a poster of a place I've traveled to (which isn't the case with San Diego), so I chose Copenhagen, Denmark. I loved the architecture of the city and the bright colors of all the buildings – especially the oranges and reds. This illustration was inspired by one of the many photos I took of no landmarks in particular, just the outside of a building that I felt well represented the look and feel of the city. Update: I decided to begin to create a Copenhagen series, using different color schemes. The second poster is a blue/green themed poster of the Little Mermaid.

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5 responses

  1. Hi Carly, it's great to see the first Briefbox Pro submission from you! Looking great. Nice work!!! I'm really liking this poster design. The bold, colour palette you've used alongside the typographic is working really well. I also like the font that you've used for the title with shadow lettering. I think both posters are working really nicely. Out of the two posters, my favourite is the orange as I feel that it has the strongest composition and mix of colours.

    I think in order to really push the designs, you could play with scale on the orange poster design. Try upping the scale of the type so this really 'pops'. I think you could also add in a few more details to add interest to the poster. Perhaps a further window, which is half in view on the poster, to give the illustration a bit of depth. You could also consider adding a subtle texture to the artwork as a whole, to give it a slightly more used, rustic feel!

    All in all, just a few tweaks here to really push this design forward. Great work all in all and looking forward to seeing some more submissions from you Carly!!

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