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Conwy Castle - WALES

by Minty Saurus
/ Posted: 1 year ago

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Iconic landmark illustration submission. My first idea was to create and old crumbly castle using rough edges and un even strokes. The image did not satisfy the triumph of the long standing castle in North Wales. I then opted for a strong clean style to show its longevity and used some of the ideas from the first drawings. I wanted to keep the abstract feeling whilst giving a geometric measured approach. I tried to show the slope it sits proudly on from the reversed jagged base. I liked the feel of the greyscale castle and the slightly silhouetted pillars against the sunset. And being Wales, you have to throw in a couple of seagulls! Please leave any comments and feedback and I will take it all on board. Mintysaurus

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  1. Hey Mintysaurus!!!

    Awesome to see your second submission to Briefbox. We really hope that you're enjoying using our site so far!

    Looking at your iconic landmark, we're especially liking your composition. It's great to see this worked up from the original sketch (plus bonus points for you here, in showing us your working design process..!) We're also loving the abstract style to the design, overall, I think you've done a great professional job on this one.

    I'm liking how you've developed the strong, clean style from your original sketches. I think you could take this even further still in varying the lines some more, to give the design an even stronger and more bespoke feel.

    I also would suggest to start exploring different typefaces at this stage. The typeface above, has a slightly more traditional feel to the contemporary style of the illustration. I would research different typefaces and look to integrate this text more with the illustration itself. At the moment, it feels a little separate from the illustration.

    I think a nice touch could also be exploring a few different colour ways. We're loving the limited colour palette, though I think you could possibly shake it up a bit more with a few bolder colours thrown in there!

    And so, overall just a few pointers here to get your design looking awesome ! Many thanks for your second submission. We're really looking forwards to seeing how you develop this design. Remember, if you do choose to work on this one, make sure that you upload it as a separate submission so we can check out your progress!

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