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Coco Loco Packaging

by LiS.
/ Posted: 5 months ago

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Got the inspiration from tribal masks and face paintings from Ivory Coast and from the Amazon people.

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  1. Hey Lis, sweeeet submission! And awesome to see your first design here as a Briefbox Pro member! I love your use of colour and pattern. Nice reference also to the inspiration in the Ivory Coast.

    To be honest, this is a really great submission Lis and so I don't have too much feedback. I think your use of fonts is also looking good. I would however, watch the colour and text sizing of the smaller header text as it's a little tricky to read.

    It would be fantastic to further extend these designs by seeing how these work in a range. If you also had any initial sketches, please do make sure that you upload them, as it's really useful for our design community to see your design work in progress.

    I think it'd also be interesting to see how these designs could be further explored across a range of different products such as chocolate truffles (which would require a different mock up size) and other brand packaging. This would really help to challenge your design and see how it works when tested out on a number of different mock-ups. Have a play and see what you come up with!

    Other than this, great first submission Lis. We're all really excited to see your next design work here as a Briefbox Pro member.

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