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Carly Russell Design – rebrand

by Carly Russell
/ Posted: 9 months ago

2 attachments

I am a graphic designer by day and a hand letterer by night, so I decided to integrate my love for hand lettering into my logo. I have also created a custom icon set with the colors used in my logo. These icons reflect different areas of design that I touch on a daily basis: marketing design, editorial design, print, mobile, photography, hand lettered, painted, etc. I will keep working through these, adding more to the collection and thinking about how I can use them to market my brand and business. Looking forward to hearing feedback!

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2 responses

  1. Wow!! What can I say this is fantastic! Great work Carly. First impressions are you obviously have a talent for custom lettering and we're all very impressed in the studio.

    First of all, when i saw this I was excited to see if there were any initial sketches to see your development process -if you have these it would be great t get them upload as an attachment for others to see how you ova taken some hand lettering into digital format.

    To be honest, there's not too much we can say here as this is very strong and professional in it's appearance, however there are a few minor tweaks that could be made to strengthen it a little further.

    I absolutely love the ligatures and letter connections throughout each word. It would be great if your first and second name were perhaps slightly more spaced out which will help each word be a touch more legible. Often in our studio when we work up custom lettering pieces, although they can look awesome clients will focus on legibility in their feedback so that is definitely something to consider for future pieces.

    This is going to make things even more time consuming for you, but... I think to really finish this pice of it would be awesome if your tagline 'graphic designer..' etc was also custom or at least slightly customised versions of existing typefaces. You could chaos perhaps use a really small, subtle implied version of one your icons to finish this off and create more a crest version. Up to you though.. just a thought!!

    Your icon and illustration set are really cool, although to help this stand out from the crowd it might be quite nice to work in some subtle textures into it. As I'm sure your aware flat icons and illustrations styles are becoming very popular so adding in extra bits along the way is a always a nice touch to make your artwork unique form others.

    Apart form that, we're really impressed and very much look forward to more work from you Carly!


  2. Hi Joel,

    So happy to hear this positive feedback! And thanks for the suggestions – I especially like the idea of incorporating some texture into the icon set.


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