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by Gianluca Italiano
/ Posted: 7 months ago

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This is a desktop design for the website of Carlucci's, a chain of italian restaurants based in the UK. I've gone for a fixed sidebar/scrolling content layout using stone and earthy colours, with a modern sans serif typeface.

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1 response

  1. Hey Gianluca, awesome to see your submission to our Italian Restaurant style tile.

    The design is looking nice and clean on the page. I'm liking the use of the black and cream layout on the left side of the page. The slight addition of photography here is also a nice touch. The layout of the text is also looking good.

    Now that you have the overall layout locked down on the page, I think you could start to add in a few more tweaks to the design, to make the style tile really pop on the page. You could consider adding some more photography or an additional colour to make the design stand out here. A line of gold colour could perhaps just help to really make the design 'pop'. Have a play with the design and see what you come up with here!

    All in all, this is a super professional start to the brief Gianluca. Keep going with it! We're looking forward to seeing your revised designs here.

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