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Canal Cycle - Logo Design

by Eric Lee
/ Posted: 11 months ago

3 attachments

Canal Cycle needs a bold, modern and typographic logo that appeals to a young and hip clientele, while still drawing from vintage lettering. I wanted to create a logo that was typographically playful, which goes well with the hand lettering aspect of the brief, and still rigid and stylistic, inspired by vintage bikes. The letterforms play with each other to suggest a sense of movement. I also tried finding the delicate balance between making the overall look nostalgic but still modern. For the branding, I wanted to retain the spirit and feel of the shop. I used a pastel blue and paired it with a red orange for contrast. The wood texture gives it that rustic, but minimalist feel. In addition to stationery, I would like to add more parts to the branding, like showing what the store front would look like (signs, window display, etc.), once I finalize the logo. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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2 responses

  1. I really like the lettering. 'Typographically playful' has been succeeded! The red & blue is a tasty colour combo, but they might be a bit jarring at the moment. The blue overlay on the form specifically. The business card pattern takes away from the tight logo action. This is a really nice submission, and a little simplification might emphasise the great work on the logo.

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for uploading your designs to the Canal Cycle logo design! Awesome to see your first submission here as a Briefbox Pro member. I hope you're enjoying your time here!

    I'm really liking your approach to this brief. The logo design is fresh, modern and bold. Just what we were looking for in the brief. I can imagine this being used in a trendy, young bike shop in Amsterdam. Nice work!!!

    Overall, I think the logo design is looking pretty smart. I think that you could look at adding a little more padding into the logo, especially around the 'Amsterdam' and 'bike hire' - adding a little more space between these words and the main logo would help the overall design 'breathe' a bit more.

    I think also, that the business cards could be simplified - removing the smaller illustrative details. This will help the business cards stand out from the crowd and tie them in better to the brand identity as a whole. The blue and red colouring on the rental application could also be developed a bit more. I think the blue logo in the background is interfering a little with the text. Have a go at placing the logo on the left or right-hand side of the page and see how it sits. You could also have a play with scale, and see how it looks cropped slightly off the page. Have a go and show us your revised design(s)!

    All in all, really nice work Eric. Keep working on this one!!! I think if you just made these minor changes, this will be an awesome portfolio piece for you. We're looking forward to seeing the revisions for this design and further submissions from you as a Brief box Pro! Remember, if you do choose to work on this design, please upload it as a separate submission so we can review your awesome new design!

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