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Camden Gin bar

by Vy Phan
/ Posted: 10 months ago

1 attachments

Here are 3 designs submission : Home, About and Menu.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Vy Phan! Great to see your next submission here as a Briefbox Pro member. Great to see you really exploring our web designs briefs.

    The sites looking really smart and works well to the original brief and theme of a sultry, stylish gin bar. The photographic elements are working well and the text and layout look good.

    I think in order to develop this design further, you could add a bit more space on the page. Even taking a look at the homepage which reads 'stay true to your gin' you could choose to expand this image so it fills the whole screen. This will help to give it a little more impact and excitement to the viewer.

    I think that you could also play around with the opacities, as I think the flat colours are looking a little blocky at the moment. With the black background colour, I think it could be interesting to explore how these would look with some photographic images behind it and a lower opacity. I think this will help to add a little more atmosphere into the gin bar website.

    All in all Vy Phan, this is a great start to the brief. Looking forward to seeing the changes! Keep up the good work.

  2. Many thanks Gill, I have tried to expand the picture at first stage same as you suggested here but unfortunately it didnt work very well with the logo. I know it sounds silly 'coz I myself make up the logo. Will re-think!
    Also thanks for the colour block feedback, will also look at them and find a better alternative. :)

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