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Branding for AKI-TO Hotel, Helsinki

by Charmaine Hartmann
/ Posted: 7 months ago

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Helsinki Luxury Hotel Branding

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  1. Hey Charmaine,

    Thanks for sending us in your artwork for our Helsinki Hotel brief. This is looking nice, professional and modern. Good work Charmaine!

    The text layout it looking nice and I like your play on the lettering. I think this is working particularly well on your headed paper.

    I would suggest here, in order to really push the design forward, taking a look at your colour palette as I think, the green and the red is slightly out-dated. It could be worth exploring a number of different options here.

    All in all, it's a nicely pulled together set of branding! I think you could just make a few adjustments to the colour here and it'll look really smart. Looking forward to seeing your next submission here as a Briefbox Pro member!

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