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Boards Of Canada Vinyl Artwork

by Courtney Williamson
/ Posted: 9 months ago

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Experimental Boards of Canada Vinyl Artwork I wanted to stick to a contemporary design with keeping in clean and simple, I wanted a fluid form in the background along with some more geometric bold outlines of simple shapes Hope you enjoy :)

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4 responses

  1. Hey Courtney! Thanks for uploading your design to the Vinyl Artwork brief.

    The modern, contemporary approach to the design, is looking great. I like the use of the playful marks and the use of the font is also working really well here.

    I think to further explore this brief a bit more, you could work on a design for the inside of the cover now. I think that the main cover is really strong - so you could work on taking an element from the cover and working this up as a possible pattern for the inside sleeve. Things to really consider here is how you would add any additional text, such as credits to the artist or song titles. You've gone for a lovely, minimal style here so keep this style in mind when working on the inside sleeve! With artwork, it's always super important to ensure that all your fonts match and layout works well across the entire artwork.

    This not only will help to keep your design looking really smart but it will also help further down the line if you have to produce any further materials for a client.

    Courtney, this is an awesome submission. We're really looking forward to seeing your revised design here. If you do have any initial sketches, make sure that you include them in your next submission. And remember, if you do choose to work up a revised design if you could load it as a separate submission, so we can review your sleek artwork :)

  2. I've listened to Board's of Canada's song, "Olson."
    The music community is remixing the hell out of that song. :3
    It's meditative.

    If I may ask, what was the inspiration for the design choice on this?
    Is it a brand or simply a vinyl logo? Do you have any other work like this?

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