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Bella Vita UI

by Alanna Palmer
/ Posted: 3 weeks ago

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Senior social app - keeping oldies connected in a more modern world.

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  1. Hey Alanna!

    Good to see another submission from you – we’re glad to see you putting your pro membership to good use!

    This is a really interesting piece of work and responds well to the brief by considering the need for simplicity when designing for older people. The UI is clean and succinct with clear icons which should make it nice and easy for users to find their way (particularly those who don’t regularly use phones).

    It’s great that you’ve considered things like being able to adjust font size and keeping the Help section visible and consistent in position. It would be worth doing a bit more research on colour for the ageing population as I know blues and purples can often become difficult to distinguish.

    If this were a live project, at this point I would suggest putting together 2-3 task focused questions to find out how well the app works for members of a research group. You might find this article interesting:

    Great submission!


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