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AwesomeWraps Dashboard

by Thomas Ford
/ Posted: 10 months ago

4 attachments

This is my first submission to Briefbox as a long-time lurker and now with a Pro account. When I first read the brief I started thinking from the perspective of someone who used to work in the restaurant industry. I even worked for a University dining hall for over a year. The first thing that is noticeable is that yes, I used a lot of color. One thing that I used consistently throughout my time at the dining hall was a system called "day dots." This was a way to easily id product by their shelf life. Basically each day of the week was represented by a different color. So I adopted that idea throughout my design. As a way to quickly sort items and orders by their day of the week. The first image is the "Make Order" page. It has a seven day calendar with each day representing a color. Each item will be displayed for each day within its own box. The second image is a view when you pull up the calendar to change the order date. The third image is what I call the "Expanded View" page. You will notice each item box has a set of arrows in the corner. These arrows can be clicked to open a view for each item for more information. The fourth image is the "Previous Order" page. It can display any past orders. It will also give information on how much was spent on an order as well as how much supply was ordered. It can also compare these metrics to the current week's order. The last image is a mockup of how the app would look on a macbook pro.

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  1. Hey Thomas, great to see your first submission here to the dashboard brief. I hope you're enjoying your time here so far as a Brief Box Pro user!!!

    I like how you've really considered the usability of this dashboard and how colours and layout can help guide the user. This is really important to show to a client, in real life, how you've taken on board their design specifications and integrated them into your artwork.

    I think, in order to really push this brief forwards, the layout is looking strong, it would now be useful to explore a range of different fonts to use on the dashboard. I would say that these fonts are quite conventional, and if you researched a few popular fonts, which are on trend at the moment, it would help give the design a fresher more contemporary feel.

    I think the colours are working nicely, though I feel that the black is looking a little heavy on the page. I would suggest providing an alternate example where the main background is white and your information boxes are coloured. Have a go with opacity levels as well, here which can help to add a little more depth to the page.

    All in all, great start to this brief Thomas. We're looking forward to seeing your revised designs! Remember, if you do choose to work on this design, make sure that you upload it as a separate submission here.

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