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AwesomeWraps Dashboard design

by Vy Phan
/ Posted: 9 months ago

3 attachments

Quick dashboard design to show how to order multiple choices of sandwiches and option to choose date of delivery. The second image shows the Order History inside My account setting. The third one is how the Login and Profile screen on Iphone 6. The last one is Desktop mockup.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Vy Phan, thanks for submitting your submission to our dashboard brief. This design is looking super smart.

    I'm liking the muted, modern colour palette here and the layouts are really strong. They look very clear and straight forward for a potential customer to navigate. Good work Vy Phan.

    I think that in order to really push forward with this design, it could be interesting to include a few subtle illustrative or photographic elements to the design. This will really help to entice the customer and envisage what it is they are purchasing! Have a little research of smart, vector food based icons that could be used here. Or even you could go for a smart illustrative approach. There are lots of stylish free stock photos to choose from online. The choice is up to you!

    Overall, this is a really smart first submission to the brief. Looking forward to seeing further work from yourself here as a Briefbox Pro user! And remember, if you do choose to work on this brief, if you could submit it as a separate submission so we can review your stylish new designs!

  2. Hi Gill,

    Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate. I would love to re-work and add more illustration as you suggested. I have a question since I am really new to Briefbox. About a seperate submission you mean if I edit some designs of this brief, I should submit as a new submission with all files in requirement or only one file per time so I can get more detailed feedback for each page design ?

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