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Awesome Wraps dashboard order view

by Jorn Klawan
/ Posted: 8 months ago

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This is my take on the Awesome Wraps dashboard order view. I didn't find time to do the order history view. My main goal was to make process as quick as possible. It work like this. On the left menu you choose which wraps you want on the right side. Once your done you can start choosing how many you want each day that week from the select menu. My typical user was someone always in a hurry and wanted the do this as quickly as possible, on desktop or phone. They usually order large amount of wraps at the same time like 10, 20 or even 50. Because of that I chose to use the browser native select menu. In that menu the user can chose the same amount as the last order or even order some more on special deals set up by Awesome Wraps company. The select element has a good native feel on phones. Try it out =) I made this with Webflow from scratch and be sure to try it out both on phones and desktop. Even though it's clickable everything is not filled in correctly, it's just to get a feel about the interface.

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