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App for elderly

by AleS Design
/ Posted: 2 months ago

2 attachments

I created the app with a very simple and colourful interface. It’s a social network for elderlies who can connect with people who have their same interests. The graphics is easy to navigate through a few key icons. In the welcome page the user can see their profile picture and can navigate through their profile, connections, the events page, where they can sign up for up coming events, and their calendar where they can see the events they’ve booked. There is also a small reminder for the next event with a direct link to its page. This way the user can see who else will attend the event and possibly start connecting and socialising. The lens in the logo design could be used also on other pages as a tool to zoom on the text.

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  1. Hey AleS, thanks for another Pro submission. This is a really difficult brief. It's something that UI designers are having to become more and more attuned too as more elderly people are using digital apps and software. Legibility and clarity and really important aspects of any visual communication, and for a target demographic of this nature, it couldn't be more appropriate.

    I think the clear branding you've created works well, and the simple grid layout you've chosen with bright bold colours works well too. I'm a little concerned that the light, iine-art icons you've created and placed over the coloured boxes are going to be a little difficult to view for a person who is slightly visually impaired. Perhaps the icons need to be bolder; maybe using solid shapes?

    I think the text is legible enough on the bottom of the page but perhaps the 'log out' button could be clearer, again I feel like this could be a little small to read for some.

    Perhaps you could try and introduce some drop shadows or slightly rounded corners, which are very on trend at the moment?

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