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Animal Icon

by Kai Chiang
/ Posted: 9 months ago

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Black and white with a pop of color.

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  1. Hey Kai! Thanks for your submission here as a Briefbox Pro member.

    I'm liking your simple, style here with pops of colour across your imagery. The composition and balance of each of your animals here are working well. I think you could make a few tweaks here to really bring your designs up to scratch...

    I think that you could explore a few more textures to use across each of your animals. The addition of a subtle texture used across all animals will help to make them look more of a set. Your elegant lines and pops of colour are looking good. Perhaps you could increase the contrast of your colour palette, to add in brighter colours here to make the designs really stand out on the page.

    All in all Kai, this is a lovely set of illustrations. Just a few subtle tweaks here to really give them the 'wow' factor! I hope this feedback helps and looking forward to seeing your revised designs for this brief.

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