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Alison Bow Painter and Decorator

by Andria Bates
/ Posted: 6 months ago

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Keeping in mind the request for geometry I used hexagons as my basic guide while creating the brand. These are business cards for the Alison Bow brief.

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  1. Hey Andria, thanks for submitting your design to our painter and decorator visual identity!

    This design is looking really smart. I'm liking your offset geometric pattern and continuation of it across the back of the card. I like the choice of colour and the lime with the green is working nicely.

    I would suggest, watching your choice of fonts with 'Alison Bow' on the back, as it's a little hard to read at the moment. Take notice of the fonts that are easy for the eye to pick up on, such as for example the navy really stands out on the page. I think it'd be worth running a few tests to see how the title could work in a thicker typeface with some a darker colour such as your navy blue.

    Other than this, I think that they way you've integrated the geometric pattern on the back of the card is looking good. I would see how you could test on the front of the card, I feel that the logo is sitting just a little strangely on the front. Have a play with the design and see what you come up with!

    Overall, this design is looking good. Keep going with it, Andria! And remember, if you did have any initial sketches for this brief, be sure to upload them for the design community to check out your initial creative process. Looking forward to seeing your next submission!

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