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Alison Bow Interior Decorator - Visual Identity (Business Card)

by Eliz Underhill
/ Posted: 11 months ago

1 attachments

Bold and playful design based on crops of interiors with geometric shapes suggesting walls, floors, staircases. Pared back, geometric logo using Alison Bow's initials and referencing the tools of her trade such as brushes and rollers.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Eliz, thanks for uploading your designs to the visual identity brief! Great to see your second submission here as a Briefbox Pro member. I've also had a quick look at your website - you've got some cracking work on there! Loving the visual identity designs and colour palettes that you've got going on, on your site.

    I'm really liking the concept that you've come up with here for this visual identity. Nice use of colour and overall design. I especially like the use of the different patterns, which help to give a bespoke, individual feel to the project.

    Overall, I think that this design is looking really smart. It's also to see the identity applied on the painter and decorator van. In order to move the designs forward, I think that you could develop the size of type and layout of the text on the business card. You've made a great start on the pattern for the business card, though I think the type could be developed to make it really stand out on the page! Have a go at playing with different scales and layouts for the type and see how it looks against your patterned background.

    All in all Eliz, I really like this design(!) I think with a few tweaks to the text, this design is going to look awesome. Looking forward to seeing further submissions from you as a Briefbox Pro member. Remember, if you do choose to work on this design, please upload it as a separate submission so we can review your new design!

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