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Alison Bow Interior Decorator - Visual Identity

by Eliz Underhill
/ Posted: 9 months ago

4 attachments

3rd Submission - Bold and playful design based on crops of interiors. Featuring leftover paint tin, website, business cards, mini-van and quotation with envelope.

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  1. Hey Eliz! Awesome to see your third submission here to Alison Bow Interior Decorator brief.

    I'm loving the pattern across the mock-ups here and I think that the brand works really well here as a whole. The design has a good balance between professional and playful. Nice work Eliz.

    The mock-ups are looking great. I think this design is at a good stage to add it to your portfolio of work. Remember to include any additional mockups, such as the business cards that you worked on in earlier designs.

    All in all, smart work Eliz. This is a smashing one for your design portfolio. Looking forward to seeing your next submission here as a Briefbox Pro user!

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