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Alisha Henry Design

by Alisha Henry
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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For my personal brand I really wanted to create something that felt natural. I'm in love with the hand-written aesthetic, and chose to use my own handwriting for my logo. I also really love the dark green colour. This is a recent rebrand for myself since I updated my website and got my business cards printed (the back of the cards is off-centre but that was a printing issue which is being corrected). Would really love some feedback though as the only person I consulted with my personal brand was myself!

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3 responses

  1. Your choice of color palette is evocative and rich. The subtle texture creates a beautiful shine and complements the design. However, I find the leaf near the 'H' rather distract the letter than emphasize it. Maybe you could move it a bit so it doesn't accidentally look like a crossbar of a 'T'. Also, the back and front doesn't have the same energy. The front looks very fluid, while the back is frigid. Unless that's your aim, I think it would help to create harmony of the two sides by making the box look more hand drawn. Hope that helps!

  2. Those are great ideas, thanks for your feedback! I totally agree about the front and back being a bit off, I really like the idea of making the back hand-drawn, I'll have a play around. Thanks!

  3. Hey Alisha, thanks for your submission! This is an awesome design and something which you should definitely use as portfolio piece / personal brand identity. Nice work dude!!

    I'm loving the rich colour palette that you've used accompanied by the hand-lettered text. The hand-lettered logo is a lovely touch, something which feels very creative works well as a brand identity.

    I think that it would be worth developing the back of the business cards, so they are more in keeping with the front of the design. Take time to explore softer fonts, with a hand-drawn feel. I think that this will help to make your brand identity feel more consistent. To develop your brand identity further, you could also have a go at placing the designs across further stationery mock-ups such as letterheads and envelopes or even a tablet or smartphone device. This will really help to visualise your brand and put it into a context.

    And so, all in all, I think this is a great project, Alisha. Great use of colour and hand-lettering! Have a go at the changes that I've suggested and remember, if you do choose to work on this design, make sure that you upload your artwork as a separate submission so we can review your awesome design work!

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