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Alexis Tarwater Personal Brand

by Alexis Tarwater
/ Posted: 10 months ago

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I've been trying to learn graphic design in my free time, and I figured working on my personal brand would be a good way to start.

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2 responses

  1. Hi Alexis, great to have you as a Pro member and I can see you have taken the time to complete a few of the briefs! Hope you have bene enjoying working on them.

    I've taken the time to look though all your submissions so I'll just get back with a few helpful pointers on each.

    I think for this brief and as you are just starting out, it would be a great idea to split this project up so you can focus on one element at a time. I can see here you have gone for a Monogram style logo, a custom pattern design and a business card layout.. which I must say is a good start.

    To kick things off, I would go back and tweak your monogram using your initials first. Concentrate on this only and then move onto the next steps once our monogram is looking really strong.

    At first first glance, I would say it is slightly too abstract and illegible in it;s form. The T in the lower half gets slightly lost and the whole things appears as more of a shield or diamond. I would perhaps try and fill a whole sheet of a4 with a few different layouts or versions of an A and T can sit together, spending time on your favourite and developing further.

    You could then try and expand on how the form is finished. Rather than just a single line you could have a slightly thicker version with a custom fill and a 3D behind it to help it stand out even more. You could try and round each corner slightly also to help it appear slightly less hard.

    Hope that helps Alexis!



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