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Aki-To Hotel - Helsinki Finland

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 5 months ago

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Aki-To Hotel - Logo & Deliverables. Alternate color ideas based on 2017 contemporary colors. Deliverables include alternate marks and mini style guide.

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  1. Hi Chris, overall this has a nice feel to it, I like the contrasting angled lines used in the letter forms and the colour consideration is done well. Here are a few things that could be done to improve this slightly.

    The actual letter forms seem to be an existing typeface, what you have don is great but if you were to hand draw and re create your own version of each letter it will add a custom bespoke touch to help it stand out even more.

    the three lines left and right of the bottom work feel a bit in considered, these could be something different like pins or hand drawn lines that are not so perfect. adding custom hand drawn irregular touches helps a piece to become more unique.

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