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AKI-TO Hotel

by Lena Lahab
/ Posted: 4 weeks ago

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Tried to keep it simple

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2 responses

  1. Hi Lena,

    Great to see another submission from you! I really like the direction of this and the new concept feels like a trendy, luxury boutique. Spot on!

    I like the inclusion of photography to give a good feel for the hotel and what customers can expect. I’d love to see how you would use this photography – would it be for adverts? On a website? Explore this a little further to make sure the client has a really good feel for the new brand proposal.

    The stationery is great too, your use of long lines helps tie the design back into minimalist architecture. I would recommend exploring different typefaces for the body text to help it stand out and feel a bit less ‘ordinary’. Have a play with a smooth sans serif font and maybe try a lesser used serif font.

    Look forward to seeing what’s next from you!


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