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Aki-to Hotel

by Paul Hopkinson
/ Posted: 11 months ago

2 attachments

Designed for a hotel identity. After trying to find out what aki-to translates to I could only find the word 'autumn' so taking this as a starting point a logo based around an autumn themed pine cone was created. The pine cone is created from diamond shaped elements to allude to the brands luxury approach. The diamond was also incorporated subtly into the word mark between the k and I to maintain consistency between the icon and wordmark. Both can be used independently of one another as shown in the stationary mock up.

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3 responses

  1. Hey Paul! Great to see your submission to the 'Aki-to Hotel' brief.

    As I saw, from your previous work that you've got some awesome pattern work on your website and I'm glad that you've chosen to integrate this into this brand and identity project. For real life briefs, it's always important to bring in your own individual skill and passion into a design project, to give it that unique twist. Something which I feel you've achieved here. Nice job.

    The mock-ups are also a smart addition and I like the use of the gold colouring on the black. I think for this project, in order to really develop these designs further, you should look to balance out the wording 'Aki-to' and 'Helsinki' I feed that this could be worked on little more to help it flow a bit more. The fonts are quite opposing, so it may be worth exploring a different font for 'Helsinki' to allow the design to feel a bit more integrated. I think you could also have a play with the scale, the pine cone is a lovely design, so you could consider adding this as a full-scale repeat pattern for say additional stationery items like other business cards or the inside of branded envelopes.

    Overall, this is a very smart branding project. Great work. Looking forward to seeing further submissions from you!

  2. Thanks Gill,

    Thanks again for the feedback. Having taken a step back I agree the choice of font and word mark could do with some work.

    I have a (somewhat irrational) fear of creating infinitely repeating patterns, largely as I haven't really explored it before but I do think you're right in that the pincone would look good as a repeated pattern, so will have to suck it up and have a go at this! :)

    Once again, thanks for the great crit!

  3. Hey Paul,

    Good to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing your revisions on the font and word mark. Nice work so far.

    If you're getting fearful of infinite repeat pattern, take a look at my latest blog post on repeat which you could take a look at for this brief:

    Catch you soon!

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