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Tuition website logo & homepage

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Est completion time: 5 days

Posted 3 years ago

In category: web design

Project overview:

'Learnbox' is a start-up company that promotes online learning. The company targets adults who are in full-time employment and looking to increase their knowledge in their own time, probably in the evenings and at weekends. 'Learnbox' offers a number of different platforms for online-learning, from video tutorials to blog articles to online tests.

For this brief, come up with a basic brand for 'Learnbox'. Start by creating a simple typographic logo using a sans-serif typeface and an additional sub mark of an icon to accompany the logo, as the basis for the brand. Once the logo has been completed, create a simple, one-page style tile, demonstrating the primary color palette, typefaces and logo placement; from here, start designing the front page. Check out this Style tile brief ; this will give you food for thinking how to produce helpful style tiles.

The website must be clear and simple to navigate. The client really likes the new Microsoft layout, so feel free to use this as your inspiration for the website. Consider how the website will be used; do you have to sign up before you’re allowed full access? How will users move across different sectors of the site? Perhaps there’s a custom icon for each subject area, or an illustration for each of the different categories.


Style inspiration

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